Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea Enjoyment!

12 Things about Tea your local Dim Sum Restaurant Won't Tell You.

A really good article by correspondant, Virginia Lau, on when to drink various types of tea.

For example, did you know that White peony tea is good for sore throats?  And that pu'er is best with dim sum as it helps immensely with digesting greasy foods?  After this article, you will learn to savour teas like fine wines.



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  2. Hi Liza, nice dim sum pictures!
    I found your book on Amazon and linked to it from my review of a popular dim sum restaurant in Montreal. Check it out!

  3. Hi Lisa, have been following your blog for some time, I really enjoy your posts because I am a huge fan of dim sum too! May I know whether you have Twitter account yourself?


  4. wow I never understood why tea was always served with dim sum until now! Thanks for the tips! Love the pics of dim sum