Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cute-as-can-be dim sum at Times Square - Superstar Seafood Restaurant

Deep Fried Meat Dumpling in Crab Shape - a must-try

 Animal shaped dim sum. There are penguins, ladybugs, crabs, pigs.  So cute that you will have trouble biting into them.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Rabbit Shape

Situated on the 10th Floor of Times Square, you are immediately welcomed by huge white birdcages decorated in a wedding gazebo motif at Super Star Seafood Restaurant.  Crystal chandeliers galore.  The tables are rather spread out so one does feel there's more elbow room than your average restaurant.

Gilded Bird Cages houses larger tables

You've got to give this restaurant chain points for trying to stand out.  They have invented these photogenic animal-shaped dumplings to put some fun into dim sum dining and it works.  Well, some taste better than others.  The few I would recommend are (minimum order of two):

Deep fried BBQ pork dumpling (ladybug)  $8 ea.- minced pork filling with diced water chestnut to give it a bit of a crunch
Deep fried Meat Dumpling in Crab Shape $8 ea. - very crispy batter hosts a creamy crabmeat filling, the batter is a little on the sweet side but the whole package works
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling in Rabbit Shape $8 ea. - fresh firm shrimp is very good with chili sauce

Deep fried BBQ Pork Dumpling (Ladybugs)

BBQ Pork Buns

I would skip the Steamed Dumpling in Penguin Shape and the Steam Sweet Sesame Bun (piggy shape).  They were OK but the penguin was ordinary and the piggy was a bit doughy.  Another miss is the Wonton with Chili Oil and Fresh Shrimp - get it at Ding Tai Fung instead, it's much better there.  But here their BBQ Pork Buns are good and their Poached Choy Sum are fine.

Steamed Dumpling in penguin shape, so cute but not the best choice

These little Steamed Sweet Sesame Bun are supposed to resemble piglets but reminds me a little of Fido

For dessert, save room for the Mini-Egg Tarts ($20) and the Serradurra Pudding (off the menu).  The tarts were melt-in-your mouth flaky and the custard was very soft, obviously freshly made.  The pudding was a deliciously creamy mix of almond flavor, fresh cream and biscuit crumbs.  You may need to ask for this especially because it's not on the menu but now you are in the know.

Mini Egg tarts on right made with shortcrust pastry

Serradura Pudding served in a demitasse, the Chinese literal translation is "Woodshavings pudding' because of the biscuit shavings inside

A healthier choice in dessert is their Sweet Bean Curd ($20) which is served warm and soft. The brown sugar crystals on top makes a delicious topping.

Sweet Bean Curd - with brown sugar crystals served warm

For kiddies, choose the Marshmallow Rabbit (with coconut shavings), they will love to pop these little delicacies into their mouths.

Marshmallow Rabbits, which part would you nibble on first?

On weekends this place gets crowded so try to be there by noon, otherwise you'll have a wait.  Lunch should run around HKD100 per person.

Super Star Seafood Restaurant
10/F, Times Square
(the left-most restaurant as you alight from the glass elevators)
Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2628-0886 (reservations)
Hours: 10 am - 12 midnight

Entrance looks like this

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  1. Love this! Closest I have seen is Disney. I cannot wait to take my son here. Great find!