Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Treasure Lake Golden Banquet Restaurant - Sheung Wan

Restaurant at Street level - Entrance is at the left

Restaurant (Left) is within walking distance of historical Western Market
If you are at the end of the HK tram line and have arrived at Western Market and want some simple dim sum and a clean, more upscale environment, then Treasure Lake Golden Banquet is a good bet.

BBQ Pork (Char siu) - our best dish of the day

Upon entering, one can tell they do a lot of wedding banquets here.  Everything is neat and tidy and all tables are covered in caramel-colored tablecloths and all the furniture is still in good condition.  The neutral tones brings a modern touch to the place and the rustic chandeliers are a nice reprieve from all the crystal ones scattered around town.  There are high-chairs for toddlers and an abbreviated bi-lingual menu (30 dishes) for non-Chinese customers.

Bilingual Menu

When seated, you are immediately offered some delicious fresh and crunchy salted peanuts, which are added to your final bill anyway, so if you want more, just ask a waiter for more.  Also presented is a big white ceramic bowl in which you would wash your dishes, chopsticks and tea cups.  I ALWAYS wash the dishes if presented with the option.  Why?  What does it tell me if the restaurant is recommending that I do this? One, that they don't trust their dishwasher to make everything sparkling clean.  Two, maybe because of swine flu/SARS/name-your-latest-epidemic, their customers are asking them to provide the utensils to do their own 'disinfecting' at the table.  You may use the tea or hot water to do the rinsing.

Fried Chicken Wings smothered in Garlic - Jar gai yik

The food is fair to good.  The BBQ Pork ($68) was the best of the dishes we ordered.  The Garlic Chicken Wings ($38, item 214, not on the English menu) was also very tasty if you like deep-fried dishes.  There are no surprises here, Cantonese dim sum staples are what you get for dim sum lunch and it's pretty good.  The only dish that got complaints was the Chicken Feet with Preserved Soya Beans ($22) was not served in the usual black bean sauce and got a thumbs down from our 8-year-old connoisseur.

Chicken feet - Fung Jowl

*The meal came to less than $100 per person with drinks.

If you would like to take advantage of their discounts, you may go at the following times.
Mon - Fri if you pay and leave before 12:45pm or if you sit down after 2pm and leave by 4:30 pm, it's 40% off
Sat- Sun and Public Holidays, 10:30 - 2pm  - 40% off.
Note: The discount does not apply to the tea, snack or service surcharge. Nor does it apply to specially priced items.

Boiled cabbage

This restaurant does take telephone reservations for dim sum lunches.

Treasure Lake Golden Banquet 
1/F, Hongway Garden
7 On Tai Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2581-1683

*Delicious meal compliments of Bela and David Booth.  Thankyou!


  1. I love this blog! I am so excited to go to all these places! Thanks!

  2. you mentioned that they hold weddings. do you know an email address that I can send my query about wedding banquets? thanks a lot for the post!

  3. Jennifer,
    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!
    I am not sure they have e-mail because it's a pretty local place. Try to call them up or go up and ask to see their 'Captain'.

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  5. All food are very delicious its really looking attractive.