Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to get a discount for a Dim Sum Lunch

If you dine in Chinese restaurants regularly in Hong Kong, you'd know that they have a 'tea charge' as well as a 'snacks' charge per person and on top of that a 10% service charge. All of this can come up to a quarter of your total bill in extra charges. However, if you know the maitre d', they would waive the tea charge and/or snacks charge, but that usually means you'd have to be a regular customer.

So my advice is, when you visit a restaurant that you like and you envision coming back, make friends with the manager or maitre d'. Introduce yourself, tell them you live nearby (or that you live here and not a tourist) and tell them how much you like their food. Exchange business cards if you have them on hand. Then ask the the manager by name the next time you go. Not only will you get better service but you may also get a 'discount' on extra charges or some free desserts to go with your dim sum lunch!

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