Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Welcome to my Dim Sum Blog.

My name is Liza Chu and I am Cantonese Chinese. Food is a MAJOR part my culture and my family. Every time there is a gathering of family or friends, we sit together and chow down. Work, politics, romance, gossip and problems all become secondary to the dishes served on the table. This is especially so when there is a never-ending stream of delicious dim sum on wheels circling the table. From age 2 to 102, every one will have an opinion of their favorite dishes and how it should be made.

If I had my way, I would share food with friends everyday of the week. But that is impossible so the next best thing is to share my food experiences.

On this forum, I will introduce some dim sum dishes from my book, 'Dim Sum: A Survival Guide' by Blacksmith Books (http://www.blacksmithbooks.com/) as well as feature some dim sum dishes from restaurants around Hong Kong and on my travels. Interspersed will be some cultural tips and stories from friends and family.
So watch this space if you are any of the following:
  • a dim sum novice;
  • have food allergies or restrictions;
  • foodie who wants to try some new dishes.
Sik fan la! (Bon appetit!)

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